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Rhiannon Leigh Wryn
Actor picture

Born 2000

Hulk (at age 3)

Betty Ross as Child

Ryan Grantham
Actor picture

Born 1998

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The (at age 11)

Little Anton

Rachel Hurd-Wood
Actor picture

Born 1990

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer (at age 16)


Ross Bagley
Actor picture

Born 1988

Babe (at age 7)

Puppy (voice)

Independence Day (at age 8)

Dylan Dubrow

Rumer Willis
Actor picture

Born 1988

Striptease (at age 8)

Angela Grant

Whole Nine Yards, The (at age 12)

Girl running between Jimmy and Oz (uncredited)

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Actor picture

Born 1987

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (at age 24)


Robert Pattinson
Actor picture

Born 1986

Sword of Xanten (at age 18)


Reece Ritchie
Actor picture

Born 1986

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (at age 24)


Richard Madden
Actor picture

Born 1986

Game of Thrones (at age 25)

Robb Stark (8 episodes, 2011)

Rhiana Griffith
Actor picture

Born 1985

Pitch Black (at age 15)

Jack / Jackie

Rae'Ven Larrymore Kelly
Actor picture

Born 1985

Time to Kill, A (at age 11)

Tonya Hailey (as RaéVen Larrymore Kelly)

Rob Brown
Actor picture

Born 1984

Finding Forrester (at age 16)

Jamal Wallace

Rachael Taylor
Actor picture

Born 1984

Transformers (at age 23)

Maggie Madsen

Richard Wilson
Actor picture

Born 1984

Proposition, The (at age 21)

Mike Burns

Rachel McDowall
Actor picture

Born 1984

James Bond: Quantum of Solace (at age 24)

CIA Flight Attendant

Richard Riddell
Actor picture

Born 1984

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The (at age 25)


Robin Hood (at age 26)


Raquel Alessi
Actor picture

Born 1983

Ghost Rider (at age 24)

Young Roxanne Simpson

Rafe Spall
Actor picture

Born 1983

Hot Fuzz (at age 24)

DC Andy Cartwright

Prometheus (at age 29)


Rukiya Bernard
Actor picture

Born 1983

Day the Earth Stood Still, The (at age 25)


Rebecca Hall
Actor picture

Born 1982

Prestige, The (at age 24)

Sarah Borden

Iron Man 3 (at age 31)

Maya Hansen

Roger Sciberras
Actor picture

Born 1982

Fool's Gold (at age 26)


Actor picture

Born 1982

Ninja Assassin (at age 27)


Rini Bell
Actor picture

Born 1981

Terminal, The (at age 23)


Ryan Gosling
Actor picture

Born 1980

Believer, The (at age 21)

Danny Balint

Rachel Nichols
Actor picture

Born 1980

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (at age 29)

Shana 'Scarlett' O'Hara

Star Trek: The Future Begins (at age 29)


Roxanne McKee
Actor picture

Born 1980

Game of Thrones (at age 31)

Doreah (6 episodes, 2011)

Rose Byrne
Actor picture

Born 1979

Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones (at age 23)


Troy (at age 25)


X-Men: First Class (at age 32)

Moira MacTaggert

Rosamund Pike
Actor picture

Born 1979

James Bond: Die Another Day (at age 23)

Miranda Frost

Doom (at age 26)

Samantha Grimm

Rachael Leigh Cook
Actor picture

Born 1979

Get Carter (at age 21)


Blow Dry (at age 22)

Christina Robertson

Into the West (at age 26)

Clara Wheeler (3 episodes, 2005)

Rosario Dawson
Actor picture

Born 1979

Pluto Nash (at age 23)

Dina Lake

Men in Black II (at age 23)

Laura Vasquez

Sin City (at age 26)


Death Proof (at age 28)


Eagle Eye (at age 29)

Zoe Perez

Robert Baker
Actor picture

Born 1979

Out of Time (at age 24)

Tony Dalton

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (at age 29)

M.P. Sergeant

Rick Gonzalez
Actor picture

Born 1979

Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles (at age 22)

Gang Banger

Laurel Canyon (at age 23)


Biker Boyz (at age 24)


Ramon Rodriguez
Actor picture

Born 1979

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (at age 30)

Leo Spitz

Radivoje Bukvic
Actor picture

Born 1979

Taken (at age 29)

Anton (as Rasha Bukvic)

Rik Young
Actor picture

Born 1978

Children of Dune (at age 25)


Beowulf (at age 29)


Rachel Roberts
Actor picture

Born 1978

Simone (at age 24)

Simone (as Simone)

Ravi Patel
Actor picture

Born 1978

Powder Blue (at age 31)


Rachel McAdams
Actor picture

Born 1978

State of Play (at age 31)

Della Frye

Sherlock Holmes (at age 31)

Irene Adler

Time Traveler's Wife, The (at age 31)

Clare Abshire

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (at age 33)

Irene Adler

Ryan Francis
Actor picture

Born 1977

Hook (at age 14)

Young Peter Pan

Rachel Grant
Actor picture

Born 1977

James Bond: Die Another Day (at age 25)


Until Death (at age 30)

Maria Ronson

Rhona Mitra
Actor picture

Born 1976

Beowulf (at age 23)


Get Carter (at age 24)


Spartacus (at age 28)


Shooter (at age 31)

Alourdes Galindo

Doomsday (at age 32)

Maj. Eden Sinclair

Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (at age 33)


Ryan Reynolds
Actor picture

Born 1976

Blade: Trinity (at age 28)

Hannibal King

Smokin' Aces (at age 30)

Richard Messner

X-Men Origins: Wolverine (at age 33)

Wade Wilson

R.I.P.D. (at age 37)


Ross McCall
Actor picture

Born 1976

Jekyll & Hyde (at age 14)

Copy Boy

Submerged (at age 29)


Rodrigo De la Serna
Actor picture

Born 1976

Diarios de motocicleta (at age 28)

Alberto Granado (Argentina)

Rachel Blanchard
Actor picture

Born 1976

Snakes on a Plane (at age 30)


Rob Wiethoff
Actor picture

Born 1976

16 Blocks (at age 30)

Court Officer

Reese Witherspoon
Actor picture

Born 1976

Détention secrète (at age 31)

Isabella Fields El-Ibrahimi

Rodrigo Santoro
Actor picture

Born 1975

Love Actually (at age 28)


Rupert Reid
Actor picture

Born 1975

Matrix Reloaded, The (at age 28)

Lock's Lieutenant

Matrix Revolutions, The (at age 28)

Lock's Lieutenant

Raza Jaffrey
Actor picture

Born 1975

Eastern Promises (at age 32)

Doctor Aziz

Ray Park
Actor picture

Born 1974

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (at age 23)

Raptor #3 / Tarkatan (Baraka) #2

Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace (at age 25)

Darth Maul

X-Men (at age 26)


Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (at age 28)


G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra (at age 35)

Snake Eyes

G.I. Joe: Retaliation (at age 39)

Snake Eyes

Ryan Phillippe
Actor picture

Born 1974

Crimson Tide (at age 21)

Seaman Grattam

Homegrown (at age 24)

Harlan Dykstra

Way of the Gun, The (at age 26)

Mr. Parker

Crash (at age 30)

Officer Tom Hansen (as Ryan Phillipe)

Flags of Our Fathers (at age 32)

John "Doc" Bradley

Chaos (at age 32)

Det. Shane Dekker

Raoul Bhaneja
Actor picture

Born 1974

Godsend (at age 30)

Samir Miklat

Sentinel, The (at age 32)

Aziz Hassad

Rizwan Manji
Actor picture

Born 1974

Transformers (at age 33)


Rosemarie DeWitt
Actor picture

Born 1974

Cinderella Man (at age 31)

Sara Wilson

Ryo Kase
Actor picture

Born 1974

Letters from Iwo Jima (at age 32)


Radha Mitchell
Actor picture

Born 1973

Pitch Black (at age 27)

Carolyn Fry

Man on Fire (at age 31)


Ron Yuan
Actor picture

Born 1973

Drive (at age 24)

Razor Scarred

Art of War, The (at age 27)


Cradle 2 the Grave (at age 30)

Laser Tech

Ella Enchanted (at age 31)

Red Guard (uncredited)

Romane Bohringer
Actor picture

Born 1973

March of the Penguins (at age 32)

Narrator - Penguin Mother (voice: French version)

Rockmond Dunbar
Actor picture

Born 1973

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (at age 32)

Mr. Fire

Rose McGowan
Actor picture

Born 1973

Death Proof (at age 34)


Planet Terror (at age 34)

Cherry Darling

Rebecca Romijn-Stamos
Actor picture

Born 1972

X-Men (at age 28)

Mystique (as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos)

Rollerball (at age 30)

Aurora (as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos)

Simone (at age 30)

Faith (uncredited)

X2 (at age 31)

Mystique / Grace (as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos)

Godsend (at age 32)

Jessie Duncan (as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos)

Punisher, The (at age 32)

Joan (as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos)

X-Men: The Last Stand (at age 34)

Raven Darkholme / Mystique

X-Men: First Class (at age 39)

Mystique - older (uncredited)

Robin Tunney
Actor picture

Born 1972

Vertical Limit (at age 28)

Annie Garrett

Richard T. Jones
Actor picture

Born 1972

Event Horizon (at age 25)


Kiss the Girls (at age 25)

Seth Samuel

Twisted (at age 32)

Wilson Jefferson

Collateral (at age 32)

Traffic Cop #1

Raelee Hill
Actor picture

Born 1972

Superman Returns (at age 34)

Hospital Nurse

Rick Gomez
Actor picture

Born 1972

Sin City (at age 33)


Transformers (at age 35)


Rusty Joiner
Actor picture

Born 1972

Resident Evil: Extinction (at age 35)


Reiko Aylesworth
Actor picture

Born 1972

Mr. Brooks (at age 35)

Sheila - Jesse's Lawyer

Richard Coyle
Actor picture

Born 1972

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (at age 38)


Rick Yune
Actor picture

Born 1971

Fast and the Furious, The (at age 30)

Johnny Tran

James Bond: Die Another Day (at age 31)


Ninja Assassin (at age 38)


Regina King
Actor picture

Born 1971

Boyz n the Hood (at age 20)


Jerry Maguire (at age 25)

Marcee Tidwell

Enemy of the State (at age 27)

Carla Dean

Mighty Joe Young (at age 27)

Cecily Banks

Raoul Bova
Actor picture

Born 1971

Alien vs. Predator (at age 33)

Sebastian de Rosa

Rachel Weisz
Actor picture

Born 1971

Chain Reaction (at age 25)

Dr. Lily Sinclair

Mummy, The (at age 28)

Evelyn Carnahan

Mummy Returns, The (at age 30)

Evelyn Carnahan O'Connell / Princess Nefertiri

Runaway Jury (at age 32)


Renée O'Connor
Actor picture

Born 1971

Alien Apocalypse (at age 34)

Kelly (as Renee O'Connor)

Robert Lawrenson
Actor picture

Born 1971

Underworld: Awakening (at age 41)

Waterfront Cop

Richard Armitage
Actor picture

Born 1971

Captain America: The First Avenger (at age 40)

Heinz Kruger

Hobbit, The: An Unexpected Journey (at age 41)


River Phoenix
Actor picture

Born 1970

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (at age 19)

Young Indy

Sneakers (at age 22)

Carl Arbegast

Roselyn Sanchez
Actor picture

Born 1970

Rush Hour 2 (at age 31)

Isabella Molina

Basic (at age 33)


Robia LaMorte
Actor picture

Born 1970

Earth Girls Are Easy (at age 18)

'I'm a Blonde' Dancer (uncredited)

Spawn (at age 27)

XNN Reporter (as Robia La Morte)

Rick Schroder
Actor picture

Born 1970

Crimson Tide (at age 25)

Lt. Paul Hellerman

Rick Bramucci
Actor picture

Born 1970

Lucky Number Slevin (at age 36)


Richard Speight Jr.
Actor picture

Born 1970

Independence Day (at age 26)


Into the West (at age 35)

Rupert Lang

Thank You for Smoking (at age 35)


Rick Hoffman
Actor picture

Born 1970

Conspiracy Theory (at age 27)

Night Security

Lethal Weapon 4 (at age 28)

Police Officer at Port

Reno Wilson
Actor picture

Born 1970

Crank (at age 36)


Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (at age 39)

Mudflap (voice)

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (at age 41)

Brains (voice)

Rossie Harris
Actor picture

Born 1969

Airplane! (at age 11)


Renée Zellweger
Actor picture

Born 1969

Jerry Maguire (at age 27)

Dorothy Boyd (as Renee Zellweger)

Nurse Betty (at age 31)

Betty Sizemore

Bridget Jones's Diary (at age 32)

Bridget Jones

Chicago (at age 33)

Roxie Hart

Cold Mountain (at age 34)

Ruby Thewes

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason (at age 35)

Bridget Jones

Cinderella Man (at age 36)

Mae Braddock

Robert Sean Leonard
Actor picture

Born 1969

Dead Poets Society (at age 20)

Neil Perry

Much Ado About Nothing (at age 24)


Roy Jones Jr.
Actor picture

Born 1969

Devil's Advocate, The (at age 28)


Matrix Reloaded, The (at age 34)


Rhoda Griffis
Actor picture

Born 1969

Runaway Jury (at age 34)

Rikki Coleman

Hunger Games, The (at age 43)

Registration Woman

Rory McCann
Actor picture

Born 1969

Beowulf & Grendel (at age 36)


Hot Fuzz (at age 38)

Michael Armstrong

Clash of the Titans (at age 41)


Game of Thrones (at age 42)

Sandor Clegane (8 episodes, 2011)

Rick Fox
Actor picture

Born 1969

Mini's First Time (at age 37)


Actor picture

Born 1969

American Gangster (at age 38)

Moses Jones

Next Three Days, The (at age 41)


G.I. Joe: Retaliation (at age 44)

Blind Master

Robert Maillet
Actor picture

Born 1969

Sherlock Holmes (at age 40)


Randall Batinkoff
Actor picture

Born 1968

Player, The (at age 24)

Reg Goldman

Peacemaker, The (at age 29)


Mad City (at age 29)

CTN Junior Executive #2

As Good as It Gets (at age 29)

Carol's Date

X-Men: First Class (at age 43)

Man In Black Suit Agent

Rachel Griffiths
Actor picture

Born 1968

Blow (at age 33)

Ermine Jung

Blow Dry (at age 33)


Ned Kelly (at age 35)

Susan Scott

Rainn Wilson
Actor picture

Born 1968

Galaxy Quest (at age 31)


Sahara (at age 37)

Rudi Gunn

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (at age 41)

Professor Colan

Rhys Ifans
Actor picture

Born 1968

51st State, The (at age 33)


Elizabeth: The Golden Age (at age 39)

Robert Reston

Richard Leacock
Actor picture

Born 1968

Lake Placid (at age 31)

Deputy Stevens

Rakie Ayola
Actor picture

Born 1968

Sahara (at age 37)

Mrs. Nwokolo

Ricardo Mamood
Actor picture

Born 1968

So Close (at age 34)

Peter (as Ricmamood)

Medallion, The (at age 35)

Interpol Agent Martin (uncredited)

Twins Effect, The (at age 35)

Ethan (as Ricardo Mamood)

Ultraviolet (at age 38)

Violet's Husband (as Ricardo Mamood)

Roland Kickinger
Actor picture

Born 1968

Lethal Weapon 4 (at age 30)


Terminator Salvation (at age 41)


Rachael Harris
Actor picture

Born 1968

After the Sunset (at age 36)


Raz Degan
Actor picture

Born 1968

Titus (at age 31)


Rufus Sewell
Actor picture

Born 1967

Hamlet (at age 29)


Dark City (at age 31)

John Murdoch

In a Savage Land (at age 32)

Mick Carpenter

Arabian Nights (at age 33)

Ali Baba

Knight's Tale, A (at age 34)

Count Adhemar of Anjou

Legend of Zorro, The (at age 38)


Tristan + Isolde (at age 39)


Illusionist, The (at age 39)

Crown Prince Leopold

Reed Diamond
Actor picture

Born 1967

Memphis Belle (at age 23)

Sgt. Virgil Hoogesteger (as Reed Edward Diamond)

Clear and Present Danger (at age 27)

Coast Guard Chief

Assassins (at age 28)


S.W.A.T. (at age 36)

Officer David Burress

Spiderman 2 (at age 37)


Rudolf Martin
Actor picture

Born 1967

Swordfish (at age 34)

Axl Torvalds

Rebecca Riggs
Actor picture

Born 1967

Jerry Maguire (at age 29)

Former Girlfriend

Ritchie Coster
Actor picture

Born 1967

Bait (at age 33)


Sentinel, The (at age 39)

The Handler

American Gangster (at age 40)

Joey Sadano

Dark Knight, The (at age 41)

The Chechen

Rebecca Rigg
Actor picture

Born 1967

Jerry Maguire (at age 29)

Former Girlfriend

Ron Livingston
Actor picture

Born 1967

Cooler, The (at age 36)

Larry Sokolov

Time Traveler's Wife, The (at age 42)


Robert Portal
Actor picture

Born 1967

King's Speech, The (at age 43)


Robin Wright Penn
Actor picture

Born 1966

Princess Bride, The (at age 21)

Buttercup / The Princess Bride (as Robin Wright)

Forrest Gump (at age 28)

Jenny Curran (as Robin Wright)

Midsummer Night's Dream, A (at age 33)

Mrs. Bottom

Last Castle, The (at age 35)

Rosalie Irwin (uncredited)

Pledge, The (at age 35)


Singing Detective, The (at age 37)

Nicola / Nina / Blonde

Beowulf (at age 41)

Wealthow (as Robin Wright-Penn)

State of Play (at age 43)

Anne Collins (as Robin Wright Penn)

Robert Downey Jr.
Actor picture

Born 1965

Short Cuts (at age 28)

Bill Bush

U.S. Marshals (at age 33)

Special Agent John Royce

Wonder Boys (at age 35)

Terry Crabtree

Singing Detective, The (at age 38)

Dan Dark

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (at age 40)

Harry Lockhart

Incredible Hulk, The (at age 43)

Tony Stark (uncredited)

Iron Man (at age 43)

Tony Stark

Sherlock Holmes (at age 44)

Sherlock Holmes

Iron Man 2 (at age 45)

Tony Stark

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (at age 46)

Sherlock Holmes

Avengers Assemble (at age 47)

Tony Stark / Iron Man

Iron Man 3 (at age 48)

Tony Stark

Ron Eldard
Actor picture

Born 1965

Sleepers (at age 31)

John Reilly

Deep Impact (at age 33)

Oren Monash

Black Hawk Down (at age 36)


Rob Brydon
Actor picture

Born 1965

First Knight (at age 30)

Man in Crowd (uncredited)

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels (at age 33)

Traffic Warden (as Robert Brydon)

MirrorMask (at age 40)

Morris Campbell / Prime Minister

Robert Cavanah
Actor picture

Born 1964

Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (at age 39)

MI6 Agent Stevens

Sahara (at age 41)

Captain Tombs

Ronan Vibert
Actor picture

Born 1964

Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life (at age 39)

MI6 Agent Calloway

Beowulf & Grendel (at age 41)


Tristan + Isolde (at age 42)


Russell Crowe
Actor picture

Born 1964

Quick and the Dead, The (at age 31)


L.A. Confidential (at age 33)

Bud White

Insider, The (at age 35)

Jeffrey Wigand

Gladiator (at age 36)


Beautiful Mind, A (at age 37)

John Nash

Cinderella Man (at age 41)

Jim Braddock

3:10 to Yuma (at age 43)

Ben Wade

American Gangster (at age 43)

Richie Roberts

State of Play (at age 45)

Cal McAffrey

Next Three Days, The (at age 46)

John Brennan

Robin Hood (at age 46)

Robin Longstride

Ray Stevenson
Actor picture

Born 1964

King Arthur (at age 40)


Thor (at age 47)


Thor: The Dark World (at age 49)


G.I. Joe: Retaliation (at age 49)


Rossy de Palma
Actor picture

Born 1964

Acción mutante (at age 29)

Invitada de lujo (as Rosi De Palma)

Rosie Perez
Actor picture

Born 1964

Taxi Nights On Earth (at age 27)


Rafael Edholm
Actor picture

Born 1964

Eneste Ene, Den (at age 35)


Ralph Garman
Actor picture

Born 1964

For the Money (at age 41)


Eagle Eye (at age 44)

Newscaster (as Ralph Garmin)

Raphael Sbarge
Actor picture

Born 1964

Independence Day (at age 32)

Commander / Tech

Rob Lowe
Actor picture

Born 1964

Mulholland Falls (at age 32)

Hoodlum (uncredited)

Contact (at age 33)

Richard Rank

Thank You for Smoking (at age 41)

Jeff Megall

Rebecca Ferratti
Actor picture

Born 1964

Beverly Hills Cop II (at age 23)

Playboy Playmate

Robert LaSardo
Actor picture

Born 1963

Hard to Kill (at age 27)


King of New York (at age 27)

Italian Guard (as Robert Lasardo)

Léon (at age 31)

Client #1 (as Robert Lasardo)

Drop Zone (at age 31)

Deputy Dog

Waterworld (at age 32)


Death Race (at age 45)

Hector Grimm

Rob Schneider
Actor picture

Born 1963

Demolition Man (at age 30)

Erwin (uncredited)

Judge Dredd (at age 32)


Muppets from Space (at age 36)

TV Producer

Robert Stanton
Actor picture

Born 1963

Striptease (at age 33)

Erb Crandal

Rocky Carroll
Actor picture

Born 1963

Prelude to a Kiss (at age 29)


Chase, The (at age 31)

Byron Wilder

Crimson Tide (at age 32)

Lt. Darik Westergard

Russell Wong
Actor picture

Born 1963

New Jack City (at age 28)


God's Army II (at age 35)


Takedown (at age 37)

Tsutomu Shimomura

Romeo Must Die (at age 37)


Twisted (at age 41)

Lieutenant Tong

Mummy, The: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (at age 45)

General Ming Guo

Rebecca Pidgeon
Actor picture

Born 1963

Heist (at age 38)

Fran Moore

Red (at age 47)

Cynthia Wilkes

Rupert Graves
Actor picture

Born 1963

Cleopatra (at age 36)


V for Vendetta (at age 42)


Richmond Arquette
Actor picture

Born 1963

Seven (at age 32)

Delivery Man

Fight Club (at age 36)


Curious Case of Benjamin Button, The (at age 45)

John Grimm

Rob Moran
Actor picture

Born 1963

Wedlock (at age 28)

Security Guard #1

Kingpin (at age 33)

Stanley Osmanski

Russ Comegys
Actor picture

Born 1963

Gift, The (at age 37)

Ben Sr. (as Russell Durham Comegys)

Punisher, The (at age 41)

Tattooed Mike

Ramón Franco
Actor picture

Born 1963

Resident Evil: Extinction (at age 44)


Rebecca Broussard
Actor picture

Born 1963

Two Jakes, The (at age 27)


Randy Couture
Actor picture

Born 1963

Expendables, The (at age 47)

Toll Road

Expendables 2, The (at age 49)

Toll Road

Ralph Fiennes
Actor picture

Born 1962

Schindler's List (at age 31)

Amon Goeth

Quizz Show (at age 32)

Charles Van Doren

Strange Days (at age 33)

Lenny Nero

English Patient, The (at age 34)

Count Laszlo de Almásy

Avengers, The (at age 36)

John Steed

Good Thief, The (at age 40)

Tony Angel (uncredited)

Spider (at age 40)


Red Dragon (at age 40)

Francis Dolarhyde

Clash of the Titans (at age 48)


Skyfall (at age 50)

Gareth Mallory

Rif Hutton
Actor picture

Born 1962

Wanted: Dead or Alive (at age 25)


Star Trek: Generations (at age 32)

Klingon Guard

Thirteenth Floor, The (at age 37)


Richard Roxburgh
Actor picture

Born 1962

Mission: Impossible II (at age 38)

Hugh Stamp

Van Helsing (at age 42)

Count Vladislaus Dracula

Stealth (at age 43)

Dr. Keith Orbit

Rebecca De Mornay
Actor picture

Born 1962

Three Musketeers, The (at age 31)

Lady Sabine DeWinter

Blind Side (at age 31)

Lynn Kaines

Never Talk to Strangers (at age 33)

Dr. Sarah Taylor

Rob Morrow
Actor picture

Born 1962

Quizz Show (at age 32)

Dick Goodwin

Robert Mailhouse
Actor picture

Born 1962

Speed (at age 32)

Young Executive

Glimmer Man, The (at age 34)

Smith's Bodyguard

Renee Props
Actor picture

Born 1962

Get Shorty (at age 33)


Rena Owen
Actor picture

Born 1962

Once Were Warriors (at age 32)

Beth Heke

Artificial Intelligence: AI (at age 39)

Ticket Taker

Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones (at age 40)

Ministerial Assistant Taun We (voice)

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith (at age 43)

Nee Alavar

Roger Stoneburner
Actor picture

Born 1962

Million Dollar Hotel, The (at age 38)

Punk #1

Collateral (at age 42)

White Guy

Rae Dawn Chong
Actor picture

Born 1961

Crying Freeman (at age 34)

Det. Forge

Robert Carlyle
Actor picture

Born 1961

James Bond: The World Is Not Enough (at age 38)


51st State, The (at age 40)

Felix DeSouza

Dead Fish (at age 43)

Danny Devine

Richard Tyson
Actor picture

Born 1961

Kindergarten Cop (at age 29)

Cullen Crisp, Sr.

Kingpin (at age 35)

Owner of Stiffy's

Black Hawk Down (at age 40)


Robert Peters
Actor picture

Born 1961

In the Line of Fire (at age 32)


Wild Bill (at age 34)

Mike Williams

Mulholland Falls (at age 35)

Cop #1

Kiss the Girls (at age 36)

FBI Agent on Robe

Air Force One (at age 36)

USAF Radio Specialist #2

Ocean's Eleven (at age 40)

Eye-in-the-Sky Technician #1

Catch Me If You Can (at age 41)

FBI Agent

Rebecca Staab
Actor picture

Born 1961

Love Potion No. 9 (at age 31)


Ricky Gervais
Actor picture

Born 1961

Stardust (at age 46)

Ferdy the Fence

Robin Shou
Actor picture

Born 1960

Mortal Kombat (at age 35)

Liu Kang

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (at age 37)

Liu Kang

Death Race (at age 48)


Ralph Brown
Actor picture

Born 1960

Ivanhoe (at age 37)

Prince John

Amistad (at age 37)

Lt. Gedney

Cleopatra (at age 39)


Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace (at age 39)

Ric Olié

Mean Machine (at age 41)


Regina Taylor
Actor picture

Born 1960

Negotiator, The (at age 38)

Karen Roman

Robert Glenister
Actor picture

Born 1960

Just Visiting (at age 41)

Earl of Warwick

Richard Steinmetz
Actor picture

Born 1959

One, The (at age 42)


S.W.A.T. (at age 44)

SWAT Negotiator

Rosanna Arquette
Actor picture

Born 1959

Big Blue, The (at age 29)

Johana Baker

Nowhere to Run (at age 34)

Clydie Anderson

Pulp Fiction (at age 35)


Whole Nine Yards, The (at age 41)

Sophie Oseransky

Ralf Moeller
Actor picture

Born 1959

Cyborg (at age 30)

Brick Bardo (as Rolf Muller)

Universal Soldier (at age 33)

GR76 (as Ralph Moeller)

Batman & Robin (at age 38)

Arkham Asylum Guard

Gladiator (at age 41)


Scorpion King, The (at age 43)


Sword of Xanten (at age 45)

King Thorkilt

Pathfinder (at age 48)


Roger Guenveur Smith
Actor picture

Born 1959

King of New York (at age 31)

Tanner (as Roger Smith)

Malcolm X (at age 33)


American Gangster (at age 48)


Robert Pavlovich
Actor picture

Born 1959

Pelican Brief (at age 34)

CIA Agent Hotel Room

Hard Target (at age 34)


Rupert Everett
Actor picture

Born 1959

Midsummer Night's Dream, A (at age 40)


Stardust (at age 48)


Robert Cicchini
Actor picture

Born 1959

Godfather, The: Part III (at age 31)

Lou Pennino

Renny Harlin
Actor picture

Born 1959

Cutthroat Island (at age 36)

Pirate with rifle (uncredited)

Deep Blue Sea (at age 40)

Worker (uncredited)

Robert Patrick
Actor picture

Born 1958

Die Hard 2 (at age 32)


Terminator 2: Judgment Day (at age 33)


Last Action Hero (at age 35)

Himself (as T-1000)

Decoy (at age 37)


Striptease (at age 38)

Darrell Grant

Cop Land (at age 39)

Jack Rucker

Flags of Our Fathers (at age 48)

Colonel Chandler Johnson

Rachel Ticotin
Actor picture

Born 1958

Total Recall (at age 32)


Falling Down (at age 35)

Detective Sandra Torres

Con Air (at age 39)

Guard Sally Bishop

Something's Gotta Give (at age 45)

Dr. Martinez

Man on Fire (at age 46)


Roma Maffia
Actor picture

Born 1958

Married to the Mob (at age 30)

Angie's First Customer

Disclosure (at age 36)

Catherine Alvarez

Eraser (at age 38)

Claire Isaacs

Kiss the Girls (at age 39)

Dr. Ruocco

I Am Sam (at age 43)

First Family Court Judge (uncredited)

Reg E. Cathey
Actor picture

Born 1958

Quick Change (at age 32)

Sound Analyst

What About Bob? (at age 33)

Howie, 'Good Morning America' Director

Mask, The (at age 36)

Freeze (as Reginald E. Cathey)

Clear and Present Danger (at age 36)


Seven (at age 37)

Coroner (as Reginald E. Cathey)

S.W.A.T. (at age 45)

Lt. Greg Velasquez (as Reginald E. Cathey)

Rick Cramer
Actor picture

Born 1958

Showdown in Little Tokyo (at age 33)

Mr. Kenner

Most Wanted (at age 39)

Bus Guard #1

Mighty Joe Young (at age 40)

Police Pilot (uncredited)

Die Hard 4.0 (at age 49)

MP Rodriguez

Resident Evil: Extinction (at age 49)

Ice Hockey / Corridor Guard

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (at age 51)

Diego Garcia Soldier #1

Roxann Dawson
Actor picture

Born 1958

Guilty by Suspicion (at age 33)

Felicia Barron (as Roxann Biggs)

Ray McKinnon
Actor picture

Born 1957

Needful Things (at age 36)

Deputy Norris Ridgewick

Net, The (at age 38)

Dale Hessman

Apollo 13 (at age 38)

Jerry Bostick, FIDO White

O Brother, Where Art Thou? (at age 43)

Vernon T. Waldrip

Missing, The (at age 46)

Russell J. Wittick

Ray Winstone
Actor picture

Born 1957

Robin Hood and the Sorcerer (at age 26)

Will Scarlet

Cold Mountain (at age 46)


King Arthur (at age 47)


Proposition, The (at age 48)

Captain Stanley

Departed, The (at age 49)

Mr. French

Beowulf (at age 50)

Beowulf / Golden Man / Dragon

Fool's Gold (at age 51)

Moe Fitch

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (at age 51)

'Mac' George Michale

Snow White & the Huntsman (at age 55)


Richard E. Grant
Actor picture

Born 1957

Hudson Hawk (at age 34)

Darwin Mayflower

Player, The (at age 35)

Tom Oakley

Dracula (at age 35)

Dr. Jack Seward

Portrait of a Lady, The (at age 39)

Lord Warburton

Roger Ashton-Griffiths
Actor picture

Born 1957

Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, The (at age 32)


Portrait of a Lady, The (at age 39)

Bob Bantling

Ivanhoe (at age 40)

Prior Aymer

Odyssey, The (at age 40)


Merlin (at age 41)

Sir Boris

Princess of Thieves (at age 44)

Friar Tuck

Knight's Tale, A (at age 44)

Old Bishop

Brothers Grimm, The (at age 48)


Mutant Chronicles (at age 51)

Science Monk

Robert Alan Beuth
Actor picture

Born 1957

When Harry Met Sally (at age 32)

Man on aisle

In the Line of Fire (at age 36)

Man at Bank

Outbreak (at age 38)

George Armistead

Rolf Kanies
Actor picture

Born 1957

Untergang, Der (at age 47)

General der Infanterie Hans Krebs

Robert Curtis Brown
Actor picture

Born 1957

Trading Places (at age 26)


Catch Me If You Can (at age 45)

Front Desk Clerk

Red Dragon (at age 45)

Dinner Guest

After the Sunset (at age 47)

Lakers FBI Agent

Spiderman 3 (at age 50)

Test Site Technician

Robert Clohessy
Actor picture

Born 1957

Interpreter, The (at age 48)

FBI Agent King

16 Blocks (at age 49)


Avengers Assemble (at age 55)

Police Sergeant

Rex Linn
Actor picture

Born 1956

Cliffhanger (at age 37)

Richard Travers

Drop Zone (at age 38)


Wyatt Earp (at age 38)

Frank McLaury

Clear and Present Danger (at age 38)

Washington Detective

Cutthroat Island (at age 39)

Mr. Blair

Long Kiss Goodnight, The (at age 40)

Man in Bed

Rush Hour (at age 42)

FBI Agent Dan Whitney

Hunted, The (at age 47)


After the Sunset (at age 48)

Agent Kowalski

Ruben Santiago-Hudson
Actor picture

Born 1956

Coming to America (at age 32)

Street Hustler (as Ruben Hudson)

Devil's Advocate, The (at age 41)

Leamon Heath

Shaft (at age 44)

Jimmy Groves

Mr. Brooks (at age 51)


American Gangster (at age 51)


Ron Donachie
Actor picture

Born 1956

Ivanhoe (at age 41)

Friar Tuck

Fierce Creatures (at age 41)

Sergeant Scott

Game of Thrones (at age 55)

Ser Rodrik Cassel (10 episodes, 2011-2012)

Robert Llewellyn
Actor picture

Born 1956

MirrorMask (at age 49)


Richard Kind
Actor picture

Born 1956

Stargate (at age 38)

Gary Meyers, Ph.D.

Ray Liotta
Actor picture

Born 1955

GoodFellas (at age 35)

Henry Hill

Cop Land (at age 42)

Gary 'Figgsy' Figgis

Muppets from Space (at age 44)

Gate Guard

Hannibal (at age 46)

Paul Krendler

Blow (at age 46)

Fred Jung

John Q (at age 47)

Chief Gus Monroe

Smokin' Aces (at age 51)

Donald Carruthers

Powder Blue (at age 54)

Jack Doheny

Rowan Atkinson
Actor picture

Born 1955

James Bond: Never Say Never Again (at age 28)

Nigel Small-Fawcett

Hot Shots! Part Deux (at age 38)

Dexter Hayman

Johnny English (at age 48)

Johnny English

Love Actually (at age 48)

Rufus, jewellery salesman

Rick Dial
Actor picture

Born 1955

General's Daughter, The (at age 44)

Cal Seivers

Richard Schiff
Actor picture

Born 1955

Young Guns II (at age 35)

Rat Bag

Hoffa (at age 37)

Government Attorney

Bodyguard, The (at age 37)

Skip Thomas

Malcolm X (at age 37)

JFK Reporter

Speed (at age 39)

Train Driver

Seven (at age 40)

Mark Swarr (John Doe's Lawyer)

Volcano (at age 42)


Deep Impact (at age 43)

Don Biederman

I Am Sam (at age 46)

Mr. Turner

People I Know (at age 47)

Elliot Sharansky

Robert John Burke
Actor picture

Born 1955

Heaven & Earth (at age 38)

G.I. Paul

Tombstone (at age 38)

Frank McLaury (as Robert Burke)

Fled (at age 41)

U.S. Marshal Pat Schiller

Cop Land (at age 42)

Officer B

Munich (at age 50)

Belligerent American

Reba McEntire
Actor picture

Born 1955

Maverick (at age 39)

Spectator (uncredited)

One Night at McCool's (at age 46)

Dr. Green

Ric Reitz
Actor picture

Born 1955

Love Potion No. 9 (at age 37)


Rosie Malek-Yonan
Actor picture

Born 1955

Détention secrète (at age 52)

Nuru El-Ibrahimi

Richard Edson
Actor picture

Born 1954

Good Morning, Vietnam (at age 33)

Pvt. Abersold

Strange Days (at age 41)


Destiny Turns on the Radio (at age 41)


Purgatory (at age 45)


Million Dollar Hotel, The (at age 46)


Starsky & Hutch (at age 50)


Rene Russo
Actor picture

Born 1954

Freejack (at age 38)

Julie Redlund

Lethal Weapon 3 (at age 38)

Lorna Cole

In the Line of Fire (at age 39)

Secret Service Agent Lilly Raines

Get Shorty (at age 41)

Karen Flores

Outbreak (at age 41)

Robby Keough

Lethal Weapon 4 (at age 44)

Lorna Cole

For the Money (at age 51)

Toni Morrow

Thor (at age 57)


Thor: The Dark World (at age 59)


Rick Overton
Actor picture

Born 1954

Airplane II: The Sequel (at age 28)


Beverly Hills Cop (at age 30)

Bonded Warehouse Night Supervisor

Willow (at age 34)


Earth Girls Are Easy (at age 34)

Dr. Rick

Blind Fury (at age 35)

Tector Pike

Rocketeer, The (at age 37)

South Seas Club Patron

Groundhog Day (at age 39)


Richard Cotovsky
Actor picture

Born 1954

Stir of Echoes (at age 45)

Neighborhood Man

Robert Carradine
Actor picture

Born 1954

Player, The (at age 38)


Escape from L.A. (at age 42)


Robert Gossett
Actor picture

Born 1954

Batman Returns (at age 38)

TV Anchorman

Net, The (at age 41)

Ben Phillips

Reed Birney
Actor picture

Born 1954

Perfect Murder, A (at age 44)

Merchant Prince #1

Changeling (at age 54)

Mayor Cryer

Robert Pastorelli
Actor picture

Born 1954

Beverly Hills Cop II (at age 33)


Eraser (at age 42)

Johnny Casteleone

Bait (at age 46)


Be Cool (at age 51)

Joe Loop

Robert Davi
Actor picture

Born 1954

Raw Deal (at age 32)

Max Keller

Die Hard (at age 34)

FBI Special Agent Big Johnson

James Bond: License to Kill (at age 35)

Franz Sanchez

Predator 2 (at age 36)

Captain Phil Heinemann

Son of the Pink Panther (at age 39)

Hans Zarba

Rhonda Shear
Actor picture

Born 1954

Spaceballs (at age 33)

Woman in Diner

Robert Wisdom
Actor picture

Born 1953

Face Off (at age 44)

Tito Biondi

Volcano (at age 44)

O.E.M. Staffer #2

Mighty Joe Young (at age 45)


Robert Picardo
Actor picture

Born 1953

Legend (at age 32)

Meg Mucklebones

Innerspace (at age 34)

The Cowboy

Total Recall (at age 37)

Voice of Johnnycab (voice)

Star Trek: First Contact (at age 43)

Emergency Medical Hologram

Robin Thomas
Actor picture

Born 1953

Contender, The (at age 47)

William Hanson

Richard Jenkins
Actor picture

Born 1953

Witches of Eastwick, The (at age 34)

Clyde Alden

Wolf (at age 41)

Detective Bridger

Absolute Power (at age 44)

Michael McCarty

One Night at McCool's (at age 48)

Father Jimmy

Changing Lanes (at age 49)

Walter Arnell

Intolerable Cruelty (at age 50)

Freddy Bender

Kingdom, The (at age 54)

Robert Grace

Roger Allam
Actor picture

Born 1953

V for Vendetta (at age 52)

Lewis Prothero

Inkheart (at age 55)

Narrator (voice)

Game of Thrones (at age 58)

Magister Illyrio Mopatis (2 episodes, 2011)

Rick Moranis
Actor picture

Born 1953

Spaceballs (at age 34)

Dark Helmet

Roberto Benigni
Actor picture

Born 1952

Taxi Nights On Earth (at age 39)

Driver (Rome)

Son of the Pink Panther (at age 41)

Gendarme Jacques Gambrelli

Life Is Beautiful (at age 45)

Guido Orefice

Astérix et Obélix contre César (at age 47)

Lucius Detritus (Tullius Destructivus / Catastrofus)

tigre e la neve, La (at age 53)

Attilio de Giovanni

Roxanne Hart
Actor picture

Born 1952

Highlander (at age 34)

Brenda J. Wyatt

Letters from Iwo Jima (at age 54)

Officer's Wife

Raymond O'Connor
Actor picture

Born 1952

Rock, The (at age 44)

Bob, Park Ranger

Randy Savage
Actor picture

Born 1952

Spiderman (at age 50)

Bone Saw McGraw

Actor picture

Born 1952

Blue in the Face (at age 43)


Robin Williams
Actor picture

Born 1951

Good Morning, Vietnam (at age 36)

Adrian Cronauer

Adventures of Baron Munchausen, The (at age 37)

King of the Moon (as Ray D. Tutto)

Dead Poets Society (at age 38)

John Keating

Awakenings (at age 39)

Dr. Malcolm Sayer

Cadillac Man (at age 39)

Joey O'Brien

Fisher King, The (at age 40)


Hook (at age 40)

Peter Banning

Jumanji (at age 44)

Alan Parrish

Hamlet (at age 45)


Father's Day (at age 46)

Dale Putley

Good Will Hunting (at age 46)

Sean Maguire

What Dreams May Come (at age 47)

Chris Nielsen

Patch Adams (at age 47)

Patch Adams

Bicentennial Man (at age 48)

Andrew Martin

Artificial Intelligence: AI (at age 50)

Dr. Know (voice)

Insomnia (at age 51)

Walter Finch

Richard Thomas
Actor picture

Born 1951

Wonder Boys (at age 49)

Walter Gaskell

Robert Wuhl
Actor picture

Born 1951

Good Morning, Vietnam (at age 36)

Marty Lee Dreiwitz

Batman (at age 38)

Alexander Knox

Bodyguard, The (at age 41)

Oscar Host

Richard Strange
Actor picture

Born 1951

Batman (at age 38)


Robin Hood (at age 40)


Inkheart (at age 57)

Bookshop Proprietor

Robert Joy
Actor picture

Born 1951

Waterworld (at age 44)

Ledger Guy

Fallen (at age 47)

Charles Olom

Robin Sachs
Actor picture

Born 1951

Galaxy Quest (at age 48)


Ocean's Eleven (at age 50)


Robert Harper
Actor picture

Born 1951

Once Upon a Time in America (at age 33)


Wanted: Dead or Alive (at age 36)

Dave Henderson

Twins (at age 37)

Gilbert Larsen

War of the Roses, The (at age 38)


Insider, The (at age 48)

Mark Stern

Randy Quaid
Actor picture

Born 1950

Breakout (at age 25)

Hawk Hawkins

Days of Thunder (at age 40)

Tim Daland

Quick Change (at age 40)


Independence Day (at age 46)

Russell Casse

Kingpin (at age 46)

Ishmael Boorg

Magical Legend of the Leprechauns, The (at age 49)

Jack Woods

Purgatory (at age 49)

Doc Woods / Doc Holliday

Pluto Nash (at age 52)


Ron Perlman
Actor picture

Born 1950

Name of the Rose, The (at age 36)


Blade 2: Bloodhunt (at age 52)


Star Trek: Nemesis (at age 52)

Reman Viceroy Vkruk

Absolon (at age 53)


Hellboy (at age 54)


Hellboy II: The Golden Army (at age 58)


Mutant Chronicles (at age 58)

Brother Samuel

Robbie Coltrane
Actor picture

Born 1950

Flash Gordon (at age 30)

Man at Airfield

Krull (at age 33)


James Bond: GoldenEye (at age 45)

Valentin Dmitrovich Zukovsky

James Bond: The World Is Not Enough (at age 49)

Valentin Zukovsky

From Hell (at age 51)

Sergeant Peter Godley

Ocean's Twelve (at age 54)


Van Helsing (at age 54)

Mr. Hyde

Robert Grubb
Actor picture

Born 1950

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (at age 35)

Pig Killer

Richard Norton
Actor picture

Born 1950

Gymkata (at age 35)


Blood of Heroes, The (at age 39)


Randall 'Tex' Cobb
Actor picture

Born 1950

Golden Child (at age 36)


Blind Fury (at age 39)


Fletch Lives (at age 39)

Ben Dover

Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (at age 44)

Gruff Man

Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (at age 44)

Big Hairy Con

Rudy Ramos
Actor picture

Born 1950

Beverly Hills Cop II (at age 37)


Richard Gilliland
Actor picture

Born 1950

Airplane II: The Sequel (at age 32)

Lt. Pervis

Robert Pugh
Actor picture

Born 1950

Enigma (at age 51)


Robin Hood (at age 60)

Baron Baldwin

Richard Gere
Actor picture

Born 1949

No Mercy (at age 37)

Eddie Jillette

First Knight (at age 46)


Jackal, The (at age 48)

Declan Mulqueen

Chicago (at age 53)

Billy Flynn

Ryan Cutrona
Actor picture

Born 1949

Last Boy Scout, The (at age 42)


Hot Shots! (at age 42)

Capt. Margolis

In the Line of Fire (at age 44)

LAPD Commander

Glimmer Man, The (at age 47)

Capt. Harris

Quest, The (at age 47)

Officer O'Keefe

Changeling (at age 59)


Ricky Jay
Actor picture

Born 1948

James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies (at age 49)

Henry Gupta

Boogie Nights (at age 49)

Kurt Longjohn

Heist (at age 53)

Don 'Pinky' Pincus

Prestige, The (at age 58)


Ray Baker
Actor picture

Born 1948

James Bond: Diamonds Are Forever (at age 23)

Helicopter Pilot (uncredited)

Rain Man (at age 40)

Mr. Kelso

Total Recall (at age 42)

Bob McClane

Ed Wood (at age 46)


Executive Decision (at age 48)

747 Captain

What Lies Beneath (at age 52)

Dr. Stan Powell

Rubén Blades
Actor picture

Born 1948

Two Jakes, The (at age 42)

Michael 'Mickey Nice' Weisskopf

Predator 2 (at age 42)

Danny Archuleta (as Ruben Blades)

Color of the Night (at age 46)

Lt. Hector Martinez

Devil's Own, The (at age 49)

Edwin Diaz

Once Upon a Time in Mexico (at age 55)

Jorge FBI

Richard Riehle
Actor picture

Born 1948

Black Rain (at age 41)


Prelude to a Kiss (at age 44)

Jerry Blier

Of Mice and Men (at age 44)


Accidental Hero (at age 44)

Robinson, Bernie's Boss

Fugitive, The (at age 45)

Old Guard

Casino (at age 47)

Charlie Clark

Executive Decision (at age 48)

Airline Marshal George Edwards

Fan, The (at age 48)


Lethal Weapon 4 (at age 50)

INS Agent

Mighty Joe Young (at age 50)

Commander Gorman

Judas Kiss (at age 50)

Security Guard

Robert Harvey
Actor picture

Born 1948

Nothing But the Truth (at age 60)


Richard Dreyfuss
Actor picture

Born 1947

What About Bob? (at age 44)

Dr. Leo Marvin

American President, The (at age 48)

Senator Bob Rumson

Mad Dog Time (at age 49)


Red (at age 63)

Alexander Dunning

Richard Griffiths
Actor picture

Born 1947

Superman II (at age 33)

Terrorist #3

Gandhi (at age 35)


Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (at age 37)

Captain Billings

Naked Gun 2½, The: The Smell of Fear (at age 44)

Dr. Albert S. Meinheimer / Earl Hacker

Sleepy Hollow (at age 52)

Magistrate Philipse

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, The (at age 58)

Jeltz (voice)

Richard Portnow
Actor picture

Born 1947

Good Morning, Vietnam (at age 40)

Dan 'The Man' Levitan

Twins (at age 41)

Chop Shop Owner

Havana (at age 43)

Mike MacClaney

Kindergarten Cop (at age 43)

Captain Salazar

Father of the Bride (at age 44)

Al - the Tux Salesman

Seven (at age 48)

Dr. Beardsley

Mad City (at age 50)

Marty, Brackett's Agent

Ray Wise
Actor picture

Born 1947

Rising Sun (at age 46)

Senator John Morton

Chase, The (at age 47)

Dalton Voss

X-Men: First Class (at age 64)

Secretary of State

Richard Lawson
Actor picture

Born 1947

Poltergeist (at age 35)


Wag the Dog (at age 50)

CIA Agent

Richard Lewis
Actor picture

Born 1947

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (at age 46)

Prince John

Robert Hays
Actor picture

Born 1947

Airplane! (at age 33)

Ted Striker

Airplane II: The Sequel (at age 35)

Ted Striker

Robert Coleby
Actor picture

Born 1947

Phantom, The (at age 49)

Capt. Philip Horton

Ron Silver
Actor picture

Born 1946

Romancing the Stone (at age 38)


Blind Side (at age 47)

Doug Kaines

Timecop (at age 48)

Senator Aaron McComb

Ali (at age 55)

Angelo Dundee

Rade Serbedzija
Actor picture

Born 1946

Saint, The (at age 51)

Ivan Tretiak

Mighty Joe Young (at age 52)

Andrei Strasser

Stigmata (at age 53)

Marion Petrocelli (as Rade Sherbedgia)

Eyes Wide Shut (at age 53)

Mr. Milich (as Rade Sherbedgia)

Mission: Impossible II (at age 54)

Dr. Nekhorvich (as Radé Sherbedgia)

Snatch (at age 54)

Boris the Blade (as Rade Sherbedgia)

Batman Begins (at age 59)

Homeless Man (as Rade Sherbedgia)

Shooter (at age 61)

Michael Sandor (as Rade Sherbedgia)

X-Men: First Class (at age 65)

Russian General (as Rade Sherbedgia)

Ron Glass
Actor picture

Born 1945

Serenity (at age 60)

Shepherd Book

Reggie Bannister
Actor picture

Born 1945

Bubba Ho-tep (at age 57)

Rest Home Administrator

Roger Daltrey
Actor picture

Born 1944

Magical Legend of the Leprechauns, The (at age 55)

King Boric

Rutger Hauer
Actor picture

Born 1944

Blade Runner (at age 38)

Roy Batty

Flesh & Blood (at age 41)


Ladyhawke (at age 41)

Captain Etienne Navarre

Wanted: Dead or Alive (at age 43)

Nick Randall

Blind Fury (at age 45)

Nick Parker

Blood of Heroes, The (at age 45)


Wedlock (at age 47)

Frank Warren / Magenta

Blind Side (at age 49)

Jake Shell

Omega Doom (at age 53)

Omega Doom

Merlin (at age 54)

King Vortigern

New World Disorder (at age 55)

David Marx

10th Kingdom, The (at age 56)

Huntsman (unknown episodes)

Sin City (at age 61)

Cardinal Roark

Batman Begins (at age 61)


Richard Belzer
Actor picture

Born 1944

Scarface (at age 39)

M.C. at Babylon Club

Fletch Lives (at age 45)


Species II (at age 54)

U. S. President

R. Lee Ermey
Actor picture

Born 1944

Mississippi Burning (at age 44)

Mayor Tilman

Fletch Lives (at age 45)

Jimmy Lee Farnsworth

On Deadly Ground (at age 50)


Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (at age 50)

Mess Hall Guard (uncredited)

Seven (at age 51)

Police Captain

Murder in the First (at age 51)

Judge Clawson

X-Men: The Last Stand (at age 62)

Sergeant (voice)

Roger Rees
Actor picture

Born 1944

Robin Hood: Men in Tights (at age 49)

Sheriff of Rottingham

Midsummer Night's Dream, A (at age 55)

Peter Quince

Scorpion King, The (at age 58)

King Pheron

Prestige, The (at age 62)


Rudolph W. Giuliani
Actor picture

Born 1944

Anger Management (at age 59)

Himself (as Rudy Giuliani)

Robert De Niro
Actor picture

Born 1943

Godfather, The: Part II (at age 31)

Vito Corleone

Once Upon a Time in America (at age 41)

David 'Noodles' Aaronson

Mission, The (at age 43)

Rodrigo Mendoza

Untouchables, The (at age 44)

Al Capone

Angel Heart (at age 44)

Louis Cyphre

Midnight Run (at age 45)

Jack Walsh

GoodFellas (at age 47)

James Conway

Awakenings (at age 47)

Leonard Lowe

Guilty by Suspicion (at age 48)

David Merrill

Cape Fear (at age 48)

Max Cady

Frankenstein (at age 51)

The Creature

Heat (at age 52)

Neil McCauley

Casino (at age 52)

Sam 'Ace' Rothstein

Fan, The (at age 53)

Gil Renard

Sleepers (at age 53)

Father Bobby

Cop Land (at age 54)

Lt. Moe Tilden

Wag the Dog (at age 54)

Conrad Brean

Ronin (at age 55)


Analyze This (at age 56)

Paul Vitti

Analyze That (at age 59)

Paul Vitti

Godsend (at age 61)

Richard Wells

Good Shepherd, The (at age 63)

Bill Sullivan

Stardust (at age 64)

Captain Shakespeare

Rosemary Forsyth
Actor picture

Born 1943

Disclosure (at age 51)

Stephanie Kaplan

Daylight (at age 53)

Ms. London

Randall Duk Kim
Actor picture

Born 1943

Replacement Killers, The (at age 55)

Alan Chan

Anna and the King (at age 56)

General Alak

Matrix Reloaded, The (at age 60)

The Keymaker

Memoirs of a Geisha (at age 62)

Dr. Crab

Ninja Assassin (at age 66)

Tattoo Master

Richard Fancy
Actor picture

Born 1943

What About Bob? (at age 48)


Species (at age 52)

Hospital Doctor

News Movie (at age 65)

Kenneth Garber

Robert Walden
Actor picture

Born 1943

All the President's Men (at age 33)

Donald H. Segretti

Robert Lipton
Actor picture

Born 1943

Bullitt (at age 25)

1st Aide

Die Hard 2 (at age 47)

Chopper Pilot (WWTW)

Richard O'Brien
Actor picture

Born 1942

Flash Gordon (at age 38)


Dark City (at age 56)

Mr. Hand

Dungeons & Dragons (at age 58)


Robert Miano
Actor picture

Born 1942

Dungeons & Dragons (at age 58)


Robert Klein
Actor picture

Born 1942

People I Know (at age 60)

Dr. Sandy Napier

Reign Over Me (at age 65)

Jonathan Timpleman

Richard Roundtree
Actor picture

Born 1942

Seven (at age 53)

Dist. Atty. Martin Talbot

George of the Jungle (at age 55)

Kwame, Traveling Sidekick

Shaft (at age 58)

Uncle John Shaft

Robyn Nevin
Actor picture

Born 1942

Matrix Reloaded, The (at age 61)

Councillor Dillard

Matrix Revolutions, The (at age 61)

Councillor Dillard

Robert Forster
Actor picture

Born 1941

American Yakuza (at age 52)


Mulholland Drive (at age 60)

Detective Harry McKnight

Lucky Number Slevin (at age 65)


Ryan O'Neal
Actor picture

Born 1941

People I Know (at age 61)

Cary Launer

Richard Bohringer
Actor picture

Born 1941

Subway (at age 44)

The Florist

Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover, The (at age 48)

Richard Borst

Crime Spree (at age 62)


Robert Pine
Actor picture

Born 1941

Independence Day (at age 55)

Chief of Staff Glenn Parness

Robert Foxworth
Actor picture

Born 1941

Librarian, The: Return to King Solomon's Mines (at age 65)

Uncle Jerry

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (at age 70)

Ratchet (voice)

Rene Auberjonois
Actor picture

Born 1940

King Kong: The Legend Reborn (at age 36)

Roy Bagley

Reilly: Ace of Spies (at age 43)

British VIP (unknown episodes)

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (at age 51)

Colonel West (uncredited)

Player, The (at age 52)


Batman Forever (at age 55)

Dr. Burton

Raul Julia
Actor picture

Born 1940

Presumed Innocent (at age 50)

Alejandro 'Sandy' Stern

Havana (at age 50)

Arturo Duran (uncredited)

Addams Family, The (at age 51)

Gomez Addams

Addams Family Values (at age 53)

Gomez Addams

Street Fighter (at age 54)

General M. Bison

Richard Pryor
Actor picture

Born 1940

See No Evil, Hear No Evil (at age 49)

Wallace 'Wally' Karue

Mad Dog Time (at age 56)

Jimmy the Grave Digger

Lost Highway (at age 57)


Richard Gant
Actor picture

Born 1940

Glimmer Man, The (at age 56)

Det. Roden

Big Lebowski, The (at age 58)

Older Cop

Raquel Welch
Actor picture

Born 1940

Fantastic Voyage (at age 26)


One Million Years B.C. (at age 26)


Fuzz (at age 32)

Det. Eileen McHenry

Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult (at age 54)

Herself (uncredited)

Roger Rathburn
Actor picture

Born 1940

Good Shepherd, The (at age 66)

'Dame' Bonesman

Raymond J. Barry
Actor picture

Born 1939

Falling Down (at age 54)

Captain Yardley

Mad City (at age 58)

Special Agent Dobbins

Training Day (at age 62)

Lou Jacobs

Ron Rifkin
Actor picture

Born 1939

Wolf (at age 55)


L.A. Confidential (at age 58)

D.A. Ellis Loew

Negotiator, The (at age 59)

Cmdr. Grant Frost

Richard Kiel
Actor picture

Born 1939

James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me (at age 38)


James Bond: Moonraker (at age 40)


Russell Means
Actor picture

Born 1939

Last of the Mohicans, The (at age 53)


Into the West (at age 66)

Older Running Fox (3 episodes, 2005)

Pathfinder (at age 68)


Reni Santoni
Actor picture

Born 1939

Rain Man (at age 49)

Voice-over Actor (voice)

Ricky Tomlinson
Actor picture

Born 1939

51st State, The (at age 62)

Leopold Durant

Ronny Cox
Actor picture

Born 1938

Deliverance (at age 34)


Beverly Hills Cop (at age 46)

Lt. Andrew Bogomil

Star Trek: The Next Generation (at age 49)

Captain Edward Jellico (2 episodes, 1992)

Beverly Hills Cop II (at age 49)

Capt. / Chief Andrew Bogomil

Total Recall (at age 52)

Vilos Cohaagen

Deep Blue Sea (at age 61)

Executive - Franklin's Boss (uncredited)

Richard Jordan
Actor picture

Born 1938

Dune (at age 46)

Duncan Idaho

Hunt for Red October, The (at age 52)

Dr. Jeffrey Pelt

Gettysburg (at age 55)

Brig. Gen. Lewis A. Armistead

Romy Schneider
Actor picture

Born 1938

Triple Cross (at age 28)

The Countess

Robert Redford
Actor picture

Born 1937

Chase, The (at age 29)

Charlie 'Bubber' Reeves

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (at age 32)

The Sundance Kid

Sting, The (at age 36)

Johnny Hooker

Three Days of the Condor (at age 38)

Joseph Turner / The Condor

All the President's Men (at age 39)

Bob Woodward

Natural, The (at age 47)

Roy Hobbs

Out of Africa (at age 48)

Denys Finch Hatton

Havana (at age 53)

Jack Weil

Sneakers (at age 55)

Martin 'Marty' Bishop

Spy Game (at age 64)

Nathan D. Muir

Last Castle, The (at age 64)

Lt. Gen. Eugene Irwin

Robert Hooks
Actor picture

Born 1937

Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (at age 47)

Adm. Morrow

Passenger 57 (at age 55)

Dwight Henderson

Fled (at age 59)

Lieutenant Henry Clark

Richard Bright
Actor picture

Born 1937

Getaway, The (at age 35)

The Thief

Godfather, The (at age 35)

Al Neri

Godfather, The: Part II (at age 37)

Al Neri

Marathon Man (at age 39)


Hair (at age 42)


Once Upon a Time in America (at age 47)

Chicken Joe

Red Heat (at age 51)

Det. Sgt. Gallagher

Godfather, The: Part III (at age 53)

Al Neri

Roger Hammond
Actor picture

Born 1936

King's Speech, The (at age 74)

Dr. Blandine Bentham

Ron Carey
Actor picture

Born 1935

History of the World: Part I (at age 46)


Richard Chamberlain
Actor picture

Born 1934

Towering Inferno, The (at age 40)

Roger Simmons

Shogun (at age 46)

Pilot-Major John Blackthorne

Richard Briers
Actor picture

Born 1934

Much Ado About Nothing (at age 59)


Frankenstein (at age 60)


Hamlet (at age 62)


Rue McClanahan
Actor picture

Born 1934

Starship Troopers (at age 63)

Biology Teacher

Roman Polanski
Actor picture

Born 1933

Repulsion (at age 32)

Spoon Player (uncredited)

Chinatown (at age 41)

Man with Knife

Rush Hour 3 (at age 74)

Detective Revi (uncredited)

Robert Hogan
Actor picture

Born 1933

Species II (at age 65)

Pentagon Personnel

Richard Libertini
Actor picture

Born 1933

Fletch (at age 52)

Frank Walker

Fletch Lives (at age 56)

Frank Walker

Awakenings (at age 57)


Robert Goulet
Actor picture

Born 1933

Naked Gun 2½, The: The Smell of Fear (at age 58)

Quentin Hapsburg

Robert Blake
Actor picture

Born 1933

Lost Highway (at age 64)

Mystery Man

Robert Vaughn
Actor picture

Born 1932

Magnificent Seven, The (at age 28)


Bullitt (at age 36)


Towering Inferno, The (at age 42)

Senator Gary Parker

Roy Scheider
Actor picture

Born 1932

Marathon Man (at age 44)

Henry 'Doc' Levy

All That Jazz (at age 47)

Joe Gideon

2010: Odyssey Two (at age 52)

Dr. Heywood Floyd

Punisher, The (at age 72)

Frank Castle Sr.

Richard Herd
Actor picture

Born 1932

All the President's Men (at age 44)

James W. McCord, Jr.

China Syndrome, The (at age 47)

Evan Mc Cormack

Star Trek: The Next Generation (at age 55)

L'Kor (2 episodes, 1993)

Rip Torn
Actor picture

Born 1931

Airplane II: The Sequel (at age 51)

Bud Kruger / President Reagan

Beastmaster, The (at age 51)


Extreme Prejudice (at age 56)

Sheriff Hank Pearson

Beyond the Law (at age 61)

Deputy Prescott

Men in Black (at age 66)

Chief Zed

Insider, The (at age 68)

John Scanlon

Wonder Boys (at age 69)

Quentin 'Q' Morewood

Men in Black II (at age 71)


Robert Duvall
Actor picture

Born 1931

To Kill a Mockingbird (at age 31)

Boo Radley

Chase, The (at age 35)

Edwin Stewart

Bullitt (at age 37)


Godfather, The (at age 41)

Tom Hagen

Godfather, The: Part II (at age 43)

Tom Hagen

Breakout (at age 44)

Jay Wagner

Eagle Has Landed, The (at age 45)

Col. Max Radl

Natural, The (at age 53)

Max Mercy

Days of Thunder (at age 59)

Harry Hogge

Falling Down (at age 62)

Detective Martin Prendergast

Geronimo: An American Legend (at age 62)

Chief of Scouts Al Sieber

Scarlet Letter, The (at age 64)

Roger Chillingworth

Deep Impact (at age 67)

Spurgeon Tanner

Gone in Sixty Seconds (at age 69)

Otto Halliwell

John Q (at age 71)

Lt. Frank Grimes

Thank You for Smoking (at age 74)


Broken Trail (at age 75)

Prentice Ritter

Road, The (at age 78)

Old Man

Robert Culp
Actor picture

Born 1930

Pelican Brief (at age 63)


Most Wanted (at age 67)

Donald Bickhart

Robert Loggia
Actor picture

Born 1930

Scarface (at age 53)

Frank Lopez

Independence Day (at age 66)

General William Grey

Flypaper (at age 67)


Lost Highway (at age 67)

Mr. Eddy / Dick Laurent

Robert Wagner
Actor picture

Born 1930

Towering Inferno, The (at age 44)

Dan Bigelow

Player, The (at age 62)


Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (at age 63)

Bill Krieger

Robert Prosky
Actor picture

Born 1930

Natural, The (at age 54)

The Judge

Hoffa (at age 62)

Billy Flynn

Last Action Hero (at age 63)


Scarlet Letter, The (at age 65)

Horace Stonehall

Mad City (at age 67)

Lou Potts

Rod Taylor
Actor picture

Born 1930

Time Machine, The (at age 30)

H. George Wells

Inglourious Basterds (at age 79)

Winston Churchill

Richard Harris
Actor picture

Born 1930

Patriot Games (at age 62)

Paddy O'Neil

Gladiator (at age 70)

Marcus Aurelius

Count of Monte Cristo, The (at age 72)

Abbé Faria

Ray Charles
Actor picture

Born 1930

Blues Brothers, The (at age 50)


Roddy McDowall
Actor picture

Born 1928

Cleopatra (at age 35)

Octavian - Caesar Augustus

Planet of the Apes (at age 40)


Beneath the Planet of the Apes (at age 42)

Cornelius (archive footage) (uncredited)

Escape from the Planet of the Apes (at age 43)


Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (at age 44)


Battle for the Planet of the Apes (at age 45)


Ralph Waite
Actor picture

Born 1928

Desperate Hours (at age 62)

Police Pilot (uncredited)

Bodyguard, The (at age 64)

Herb Farmer

Cliffhanger (at age 65)


Rance Howard
Actor picture

Born 1928

Chinatown (at age 46)

Irate Farmer

Cocoon (at age 57)

St. Petersburg Dectective

Innerspace (at age 59)

Supermarket Customer

Universal Soldier (at age 64)

John Devreux

Ed Wood (at age 66)

Old Man McCoy

Apollo 13 (at age 67)


Independence Day (at age 68)


Beautiful Mind, A (at age 73)

White-Haired Patient

Missing, The (at age 75)

Telegraph Operator

Cinderella Man (at age 77)

Announcer Al Fazin

Angels & Demons (at age 81)

Cardinal Beck

Robert Shaw
Actor picture

Born 1927

James Bond: From Russia with Love (at age 36)

Red Grant

Sting, The (at age 46)

Doyle Lonnegan

Golden Voyage of Sinbad, The (at age 47)

The Oracle of all knowledge (uncredited)

Rosemary Harris
Actor picture

Born 1927

Hamlet (at age 69)

Player Queen

Gift, The (at age 73)

Annie's Granny

Blow Dry (at age 74)


Spiderman (at age 75)

May Parker

Spiderman 2 (at age 77)

May Parker

Spiderman 3 (at age 80)

May Parker

Roger Moore
Actor picture

Born 1927

James Bond: Live And Let Die (at age 46)

James Bond / 007

James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun (at age 47)

James Bond / 007

James Bond: The Spy Who Loved Me (at age 50)

James Bond / 007

James Bond: Moonraker (at age 52)

James Bond / 007

James Bond: For Your Eyes Only (at age 54)

James Bond / 007

Cannonball Run (at age 54)

Seymour Goldfarb, Jr.

James Bond: Octopussy (at age 56)

James Bond / 007

James Bond: A View to a Kill (at age 58)

James Bond / 007

Fire, Ice & Dynamite (at age 63)

Sir George

Quest, The (at age 69)

Lord Edgar Dobbs

Saint, The (at age 70)

Voice on Car Radio (voice)

Robert Guillaume
Actor picture

Born 1927

Wanted: Dead or Alive (at age 60)

Philmore Walker

Big Fish (at age 76)

Dr. Bennett - Senior

Rosemary Murphy
Actor picture

Born 1927

To Kill a Mockingbird (at age 35)

Maudie Atkinson

Richard Crenna
Actor picture

Born 1926

Rambo: First Blood (at age 56)

Col. Samuel Trautman

Rambo: First Blood Part II (at age 59)

Col. Samuel Trautman

Rambo: First Blood Part III (at age 62)


Hot Shots! Part Deux (at age 67)

Col. Denton Walters

Rae Allen
Actor picture

Born 1926

Stargate (at age 68)

Barbara Shore, Ph.D.

Reign Over Me (at age 81)

Adell Modell

Ray McAnally
Actor picture

Born 1926

Mission, The (at age 60)


The Sicilian (at age 61)


Richard Burton
Actor picture

Born 1925

Cleopatra (at age 38)


Becket (at age 39)

Thomas Becket

Where Eagles Dare (at age 43)

Maj. Jonathan Smith, MC

Nineteen Eighty-Four (at age 59)


Rod Steiger
Actor picture

Born 1925

On the Waterfront (at age 29)

Charley Malloy

Doctor Zhivago (at age 40)


Player, The (at age 67)


Specialist, The (at age 69)

Joe Leon

Roscoe Lee Browne
Actor picture

Born 1925

Babe (at age 70)

Narrator (voice)

Judas Kiss (at age 73)

Chief Bleeker

Ruby Dee
Actor picture

Born 1924

Just Cause (at age 71)


American Gangster (at age 83)

Mama Lucas

Richard Attenborough
Actor picture

Born 1923

Great Escape, The (at age 40)

Squadron Leader Roger Bartlett "Big X"

Jurassic Park (at age 70)

John Hammond

Hamlet (at age 73)

English Ambassador

Elizabeth (at age 75)

Sir William Cecil

Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story (at age 78)

Magog, Arbiter of Justice Great Council of Mac Slec

Rodney Dangerfield
Actor picture

Born 1921

News Movie (at age 87)

Himself (archive footage)

Ricardo Montalban
Actor picture

Born 1920

Escape from the Planet of the Apes (at age 51)


Conquest of the Planet of the Apes (at age 52)


Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (at age 62)


Naked Gun, The: From the Files of Police Squad! (at age 68)

Vincent Ludwig

Richard Farnsworth
Actor picture

Born 1920

Spartacus (at age 40)


Papillon (at age 53)

Manhunter (uncredited)

Natural, The (at age 64)

Red Blow

Into the Night (at age 65)

Jack Caper

Two Jakes, The (at age 70)

Earl Rawley

Havana (at age 70)


Getaway, The (at age 74)


Robert Stack
Actor picture

Born 1919

Airplane! (at age 61)

Rex Kramer

Robert Mitchum
Actor picture

Born 1917

Cape Fear (at age 74)

Lieutenant Elgart

Tombstone (at age 76)

Narrator (voice)

Dead Man (at age 78)

John Dickinson

Raymond Burr
Actor picture

Born 1917

Airplane II: The Sequel (at age 65)

Judge D.C. Simonton

Raf Vallone
Actor picture

Born 1916

Godfather, The: Part III (at age 74)

Cardinal Lamberto

Ray Walston
Actor picture

Born 1914

Sting, The (at age 59)

J.J. Singleton

Of Mice and Men (at age 78)


Player, The (at age 78)


Ruth White
Actor picture

Born 1914

To Kill a Mockingbird (at age 48)

Mrs. Dubose

Richard Widmark
Actor picture

Born 1914

Murder on the Orient Express (at age 60)


Robert Ryan
Actor picture

Born 1909

Dirty Dozen, The (at age 58)

Col. Everett Dasher Breed

Rex Harrison
Actor picture

Born 1908

Cleopatra (at age 55)


Richard Haydn
Actor picture

Born 1905

Young Frankenstein (at age 69)

Herr Falkstein

Ray Bolger
Actor picture

Born 1904

Wizard of Oz, The (at age 35)

Hunk / The Scarecrow

Richard Hale
Actor picture

Born 1892

Ben-Hur (at age 67)

Gaspar (uncredited)

To Kill a Mockingbird (at age 70)

Nathan Radley

Reginald Denny
Actor picture

Born 1891

Cat Balou (at age 74)

Sir Harry Percival

Ron Zimmerman
Actor picture

Born ???

One, The

Rotten Ronnie

Randi Lynne
Actor picture

Born ???


Hotel Operator

Russell G. Jones
Actor picture

Born ???



Raymond Cruz
Actor picture

Born ???

Under Siege


Clear and Present Danger

Domingo Chavez

Rock, The

Sergeant Rojas (uncredited)

Broken Arrow

Air Force Staff Officer at Casualty Briefing (uncredited)

Training Day


Roger Fan
Actor picture

Born ???

Rush Hour

Soo Yung's Bodyguard

Roger R. Cross
Actor picture

Born ???

Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever


Liberty Stands Still

Officer Miller


Oval Office Agent Cartwright

Chronicles of Riddick, The


Day the Earth Stood Still, The

General Quinn (as Roger Cross)

Ray Anthony
Actor picture

Born ???

Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles


Matrix Reloaded, The

Power Station Guard

Ron Perkins
Actor picture

Born ???


Fire Chief


Man with the Newspaper


Dr. Mendell Stromm


Studio Executive #3

Prestige, The

Hotel Manager

Robert Moloney
Actor picture

Born ???



Into the West

John Charles Fremont

Renoly Santiago
Actor picture

Born ???


Ramon Sanchez / 'Phantom Phreak'

Dangerous Minds

Raul Sanchero



Con Air

Ramon 'Sally-Can't Dance' Martinez (as Renoly)

Ric Young
Actor picture

Born ???

James Bond: You Only Live Twice

Chinese Agent (uncredited)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

Kao Kan

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story

Bruce's Father

Kiss of the Dragon

Mister Big

Transporter, The

Mr. Kwai

American Gangster

Chinese General

Roger Aaron Brown
Actor picture

Born ???

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Epsilon Technician

China Moon

Police Captain

Robert Knott
Actor picture

Born ???

Wild Bill

Dave Tutt

Hi-Lo Country, The

Jack Couffer

Roger Yuan
Actor picture

Born ???

Showdown in Little Tokyo

Kickboxer #2

Lethal Weapon 4


Shanghai Noon

Lo Fong

Batman Begins

Hazmat Technician

R.D. Call
Actor picture

Born ???

48 Hours

Duty Sergeant

Young Guns II

D.A. Rynerson



I Am Sam

Cop at Park


FBI Interrogation Officer

Rosine 'Ace' Hatem
Actor picture

Born ???

American Yakuza

Agent #1

Most Wanted


Richard Gilbert-Hill
Actor picture

Born ???


Security Guard #2

Ravil Issyanov
Actor picture

Born ???


Russian Hacker

James Bond: GoldenEye

MiG Pilot



Saint, The

Tretiak Guard

Jackal, The

Ghazzi Murad

Along Came a Spider


K-19: The Widowmaker


Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Curtis - Dive Bar Patron #4

Transformers: Dark of the Moon


Richard Jeni
Actor picture

Born ???

Mask, The

Charlie Schumaker

Robert Costanzo
Actor picture

Born ???

Dick Tracy

Lips' Bodyguard

Total Recall

Harry (as Bobby Costanzo)

Die Hard 2

Sgt. Vito Lorenzo

Renée Humphrey
Actor picture

Born ???

French Kiss


Robert Knepper
Actor picture

Born ???

Young Guns II

Deputy Carlyle


Yuri Marklov

Day the Earth Stood Still, The


Transporter 3



Stanley Nawicki

Richard Grove
Actor picture

Born ???

Army of Darkness

Duke Henry the Red

Raoul Trujillo
Actor picture

Born ???

Black Robe


Into the West

Red Cloud (3 episodes, 2005)

Cowboys & Aliens

Black Knife



Richard Fitzpatrick
Actor picture

Born ???

Good Will Hunting


Caveman's Valentine, The


Recruit, The

Rob Stevens

16 Blocks

Deputy Commissioner Wagner

Rob Smith
Actor picture

Born ???


Newspaper Photographer (as Rob Smith)

Ralph Brannen
Actor picture

Born ???

Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Crew Member

Destiny Turns on the Radio


Richard Coca
Actor picture

Born ???

Minority Report

Pre-Crime Cop

Ray Xifo
Actor picture

Born ???


Society Man

Ocean's Thirteen

Reuben's Butler

Roshon Fegan
Actor picture

Born ???

Spiderman 2

Amazed Kid

Rowan Witt
Actor picture

Born ???


Spoon Boy

Ron Canada
Actor picture

Born ???

American President, The

Lloyd, Reporter

Hunted, The

Harry Van Zandt

National Treasure

Guard Woodruff

Cinderella Man

Joe Jeanette

Robert Atiko
Actor picture

Born ???

Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life

Armin Kal

Ramsey Faragallah
Actor picture

Born ???

Peacemaker, The

New York Cabbie

People I Know

David Fielding

Interpreter, The

Polygraph Technician

Raquel Gardner
Actor picture

Born ???

Species II

Debutante's Sister

Ralph Ineson
Actor picture

Born ???

First Knight


From Hell


Robin Hood


Rolf Saxon
Actor picture

Born ???

Nineteen Eighty-Four


Mission: Impossible

CIA Analyst William Donloe

James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies

Philip Jones

Saving Private Ryan

Lt. Briggs



Robert Mammone
Actor picture

Born ???

Street Fighter

Carlos Blanka

Vertical Limit

Brian Maki

Matrix Reloaded, The


Matrix Revolutions, The


Renee Victor
Actor picture

Born ???

God's Army II


Ronald Guttman
Actor picture

Born ???

Hunt for Red October, The

Lieutenant Melekhin, Engineer - Red October

Believer, The

Danny's Father

Rupert Evans
Actor picture

Born ???


John Myers

Regi Davis
Actor picture

Born ???


Security Guard

Robert Wahlberg
Actor picture

Born ???

Mystic River

Kevin Savage

Departed, The

Lazio - FBI


John Bryce

Robert Tannion
Actor picture

Born ???

Resident Evil

Dr. Brown

Richard Jutras
Actor picture

Born ???

Whole Nine Yards, The

Officer Morrissey

Art of War, The

Larry, Hooks' Secretary

Rob Freeman
Actor picture

Born ???

Saving Private Ryan

Ryan's Son

Richard D'Alessandro
Actor picture

Born ???

Forrest Gump

Abbie Hoffman

Ric Sarabia
Actor picture

Born ???

One Night at McCool's

Uniformed Cop at Bar

Just Visiting



Man at Diner

Richie Nathanson
Actor picture

Born ???

Starsky & Hutch

Drug Dealer

Rohan Nichol
Actor picture

Born ???

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

Captain Antilles

Fool's Gold


Regina McKee Redwing
Actor picture

Born ???


National Security Advisor

Die Hard 4.0

Nearby Agent

Richard Dano
Actor picture

Born ???


Swat Driver (as Richard Dano)

Richard Green
Actor picture

Born ???

Mulholland Drive


Raymond Franza
Actor picture

Born ???

Analyze That

Eddie DeVol

Ricky Harris
Actor picture

Born ???


Albert Torena

Father's Day


Ron Selmour
Actor picture

Born ???

Liberty Stands Still

Dwayne (as Ronald Selmour)

Blade: Trinity


Chronicles of Riddick, The

Slam Guard

TRON: Legacy

Chattering Homeless Man

Ralph P. Martin
Actor picture

Born ???

Pirates of the Caribbean, The

Mr. Brown

Ralph Peduto
Actor picture

Born ???

Rock, The

FBI Agent Hunt


Bail Bondsman Hawkins

Patch Adams


Robert Kotecki
Actor picture

Born ???

Most Wanted

Marine Lieutenant

Rush Hour

Convention Center Agent

Razaaq Adoti
Actor picture

Born ???



Black Hawk Down


Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Peyton Wells (as Raz Adoti)


Duke (as Raz Adoti)

Rafael Feldman
Actor picture

Born ???



Richard Gross
Actor picture

Born ???

Mad City

FBI Agent

Payback Time

Old Agent

Richard Brake
Actor picture

Born ???

Cold Mountain



Belligerent American

Batman Begins

Joe Chill


Corporal Dean Portman

Richard Cetrone
Actor picture

Born ???

Time Machine

Hunter Morlock

Scorpion King, The

Barbarian Guard


Pierce (as Rich Cetrone)

Underworld: Evolution

Pierce (as Rich Cetrone)


Frost Giant Captain

Underworld: Awakening

Lycan Creature #1

Rachael Huntley
Actor picture

Born ???

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Suzy Coleman

Rob LaBelle
Actor picture

Born ???


Bank Manager


Wally Weaver

Roberta Angelica
Actor picture

Born ???


Stewardess to Omaha


Det. Ruth Bryant

Ramon De Ocampo
Actor picture

Born ???

xXx 2: The Next Level

Agent Meadows

Rusty Schwimmer
Actor picture

Born ???


Mrs. Pendleton

Runaway Jury

Millie Dupree

Broken Trail

Big Rump Kate

Robert Rich III
Actor picture

Born ???

Natural, The

Ted Hobbs

Rosa María Bianchi
Actor picture

Born ???

Amores perros

Tía Luisa (Aunt Luisa)

Robert Racki
Actor picture

Born ???

16 Blocks

Det. Jerry Shue

Ridley Tsui
Actor picture

Born ???

Mortal Kombat: Annihilation


Ryan Todd
Actor picture

Born ???

Last Action Hero

Andrew Slater

First Knight

Young Lancelot

Roberto Bestazzoni
Actor picture

Born ???

Bourne Identity, The

Fisherman (uncredited)

Raymond Ma
Actor picture

Born ???

Lethal Weapon 4

Dr. Cheng

Starsky & Hutch


Richard Bonehill
Actor picture

Born ???

Flash Gordon

Extra (uncredited)

Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back

Stormtrooper / Snowtrooper / Rebel Soldier / Tauntaun handler (uncredited)

Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi

Stormtrooper / Nien Nunb / Mon Calamari / Ree Yees / Mosep / z-winged pilot / tie pilot (uncredited)

Top Secret!



Extras (uncredited)

Rob Roy

Gutherie's Opponent

Jason and the Argonauts

Aertes 2nd General

Reef Karim
Actor picture

Born ???

Laurel Canyon

ER Doctor

Russell Hornsby
Actor picture

Born ???

After the Sunset


Rebel Wilson
Actor picture

Born ???

Ghost Rider

Girl in Alley

Ray Iannicelli
Actor picture

Born ???



Don't Say a Word

Man at Marina

Robert C. Treveiler
Actor picture

Born ???

Hellraiser III

Paramedic 1

Richard Sammel
Actor picture

Born ???

Life Is Beautiful

German Lieutenant at Station


German Gangster #1

James Bond: Casino Royale


Inglourious Basterds

Sgt. Rachtman

Rebecca Gethings
Actor picture

Born ???

James Bond: Casino Royale

Hot Room Technician

Robbin Young
Actor picture

Born ???

James Bond: For Your Eyes Only

Girl in Flower Shop

Rickey G. Williams
Actor picture

Born ???

Spiderman 2

Train Passenger

Rufus Dorsey
Actor picture

Born ???


Floyd Paterson

Richard Doyle
Actor picture

Born ???

Air Force One

Colonel Bob Jackson, AFO Backup Pilot

Reggie Lee
Actor picture

Born ???

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End

Tai Huang

Star Trek: The Future Begins

Test Administrator #1

Rosemary Knower
Actor picture

Born ???

Die Hard 4.0

Mrs. Kaludis

Ricky Dean Logan
Actor picture

Born ???

Back to the Future Part II


Russ Fega
Actor picture

Born ???




Cab Driver

Ryan Martin
Actor picture

Born ???


Detective Breeder

Russ Huard
Actor picture

Born ???

Bourne Ultimatum, The


Robert K. Weiss
Actor picture

Born ???

Naked Gun, The: From the Files of Police Squad!

Park Hot Dog Vendor (uncredited)

Naked Gun 2½, The: The Smell of Fear


Rodrigo Farrugia
Actor picture

Born ???

James Bond: Quantum of Solace

Hotel Bolívar Receptionist

Raffaello Degruttola
Actor picture

Born ???

James Bond: Quantum of Solace

Alfa 2 Driver

Robert Prescott
Actor picture

Born ???

Good Shepherd, The

Bonesman MC 1961

Rajendranath Zutshi
Actor picture

Born ???

Slumdog Millionaire

Director (as Raj Zutshi)

Raahul Singh
Actor picture

Born ???

Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, The

Security Guard

Rothaford Gray
Actor picture

Born ???

Max Payne

Joe Salle

Rio Alexander
Actor picture

Born ???

Into the West

Grabber (Translator)

3:10 to Yuma


Richard Durden
Actor picture

Born ???

From Paris with Love

Ambassador Bennington

Rich Manley
Actor picture

Born ???

Knight and Day


Randy Wade Kelley
Actor picture

Born ???



Richard Felix
Actor picture

Born ???

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Chief Magistrate

Reg Wilson
Actor picture

Born ???

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

Customer - Fishmarket

Rico Bueno
Actor picture

Born ???

Boogie Nights

Hot Traxx Waiter

Roy Lee Jones
Actor picture

Born ???

True Grit


Remy Nozik
Actor picture

Born ???

Next Three Days, The


Raiko Bowman
Actor picture

Born ???

Hunger Games, The

Peeta's Mother